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My work is all about my Irish heritage, even if I now reside in the countryside of New Mexico, where I am happy to say I can hear the birds sing directly from my art studio. I have intense involvement with my pieces as they are part of my personal therapy: while people tend to talk about their past traumas, I paint mine. My work brings to mind anguish, frustration, fear and danger but in all my artworks there is also a strong sense of hope; I want them to be a realisation of the atrocities of violence in the world and a tool to stop them for our next generations. 



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find me.

find me.

Helping the Heroes

Army Veteran Brian Rock had the unique opportunity to formally show his art at the historic National Theater in Richmond, Virginia. 


When he finishes he stands triumphant over his work spiritually, emotionally, mentally, resilient and proud.


Served in the U.S. military from 2001 – 2013, which included an overseas tour. He has since left active duty.

Vivid Arts Network

Variety of objects and techniques to create works that convey strong sentimentality, promote healing and expose hidden depths in the human condition.


Brian Rock joined Fine Art America on January 9th, 2012.

No BullART

Virtual tour of Brian Rock's artworks right here.

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